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A. High-Performance Fibers and Composites

B. Chemistry and Physics in Fibers and Polymers

C. Functional Fibers and Porous Organic Polymers

D. Smart Fibers, Textile and Wearable Intelligent Device

E. Fibers and Polymers for Medical Applications

F. Environmentally Friendly Fibers and Polymers

G. Fibers and Polymers for Energy Applications

H. Multifunctional Integrated Materials and Fiber Devices

I. Medical Protective Fibers and Health Materials

J. Materials Genetic Engineering and Hybrid Fibers

K. Aggregation-induced Emission Materials

L. Gelatinous Fiber and Intelligent Devices

M. Professional education of composite materials and Engineering

N. Development of Fiber Industry and Alumni Forum

O. Innovation Forum for International Digital Health and Intelligent Material

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