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State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials (SKLFPM, DHU)



College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE), Donghua University




Division of Fiber Materials and Composite Technology, Chinese Materials Research Society (FMCT, CMRS)



Reinforcement Branch of China Composites Society



Nanocomposites Branch of China Composites Society



Innovation Base of Advanced Fabrication Technology of Fiber Materials, DHU (111 Project)



International Digital Health and Intelligent Material Innovation Alliance (IDHIMIA)


Journal of Advanced Fiber Materials (Adv. Fiber Mater.)



Alumni Association of College of Materials Science and Engineering, DHU



Polymer Materials Working Group in Material Division of Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education (B)


Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Society (TBIS)


The Key Laboratory of High-Performance Fibers and Product, Ministry of Education


Center for Advanced Low-dimension Materials (CALM, DHU)


Shanghai Belt and Road Joint Laboratory of Advanced Fiber and Low-dimension Materials (Donghua University)


Shanghai Key Laboratory of Light Weight Structural Composite Materials


Key Laboratory of Hybrid Functional Materials of the Universities in Shanghai


Journal of Donghua University (English Edition)

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